Newsletter March/April 2020
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Dear Friends

Here is our regular Archbishops’ College of Evangelists bulletin which contains:

·        A focus on online evangelism

·        An invitation to contribute to developing mentoring resources for using with emerging evangelists

·        An update on future meetings

And if this is the first bulletin you have received because you have recently become a member of the College – congratulations and welcome!  Our membership continues to grow – please do keep recommending people you know. 

In the midst of these challenging times of restriction I have been meditating on the experience of Paul in prison.  Even though he did not have all the access to connect with people online he wrote to Timothy from prison;

“Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David, as proclaimed by my gospel, for which I suffer to the extent of being chained like a criminal. But the word of God cannot be chained! For this reason I endure all things for the sake of the elect, so that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.” 2 Timothy 2:8-10

The Gospel is not chained by our current situation and particularly because of the opportunities that the internet gives us.  Michael Turton, who manages the website, has created a specific page for you to post your best online resources for web-based evangelism.  It would be great to have advice from those of you who have experience of using different platforms for those of us who are less experienced.  Moses describes God acting like an eagle stirring up its nest to get its young to leave and fly and I believe that God is doing something the church to propel us outwards into the online world to discover its potential and opportunity.  The church will be forever changed by this experience and I want the college to be at the front of discerning the opportunities for evangelism online.  One of the challenges of being a dispersed community is enable us to to share and connect.  Please take some time either to contribute to this page or to respond to other’s contributions;

Online resources

To get us started here are a couple of links to some recently produced resources:

·        Phil Knox from the Evangelical Alliance has produced this high quality spoken word piece filmed on the slopes of Golgotha to communicate all that Jesus achieved through his cross and resurrection – great for sharing and using in online acts of worship over the Easter weekend.  It is called The Comeback (if the video does not play in the large video format you can download versions using the link at the bottom of the page);

·        As an example of responding directly to the questions thrown up by our current situation Robin Gamble speaks about ‘Jesus has Coronavirus’;

·        A social media page called “Easter Changed My Life” which invites people to tell their testimony in a short film and to share it with friends as well as posting on the site;

And if you have received this email and have not yet registered on the website please do at:

We had hoped to have some confirmed dates for events and another College gathering in the Autumn but it is obviously not possible or wise to commit to these at this time.  But I am keen to use the time to develop a new resource from the College.  As we encourage college members to mentor emerging evangelists I would like to produce a guide to doing this healthily and effectively.  So I would like to have a couple of 3 hour online working group meeting to discuss this and for participants to go away and work on material in between these dates.  So I am asking for up to 10 of us to work together on this over the next few months with the aim of producing a guide the can be published in the Autumn.  The dates for these online meetings will be:

Tuesday 5th May 9.30am-12.30pm & Tuesday 16th June 9.30am-12.30pm

If you would like to be involved in this please email Mandy Forrest

With thanks for our partnership in the Gospel

John McGinley

Training and Development Enabler

The Archbishops’ College of Evangelists

Newsletter January 2020
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Dear College Members

I hope you are encouraged and taking opportunities to share the Gospel.  I was completely fired up, equipped  and recommissioned by the Evangelists Conference organised by J John (Vice President of the College) in January.  It was full of laughter and so liberating to be with a group of people who didn’t have to be persuaded that we are called to proclaim the Gospel.  I would encourage everyone to attend in 2021 on the 12-14 January – here is the link;

We are evolving what it means to be part of the college and in March I will share some opportunities for us to gather together for training and encouragement and other dates to be involved in ministry together.  And in discussion with J John he has agreed to host a training day for the College in the Autumn in which he will give input on key areas of skill and lessons learned from his experience as an evangelist.  Please make sure you are registered on the college website so that we can begin to build our community through this site:

One area that I am keen to build is a way of connecting our membership of the College in prayer.  I have been praying regularly at 10.02am every day for the college and for God to raise up more evangelists.  Why 10.02am?  Because that is the Biblical reference in Luke’s Gospel where Jesus says; “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”  This is Jesus response to the potential harvest and yet the lack of people out in the mission field – it starts in prayer.  So please join me in praying daily.  I set an alarm and wherever I am I turn my heart to God and cry out for a move of his spirit and a release of evangelism in our nation.

This month’s spotlight on resources come from Phil Knox and Dave Sharples.,204,203,200_.jpg

Phil’s new book “Stories” will be available for sale from March 19th2020.

Most people find faith because they know another Christian, see the difference Jesus makes, and hear their story. Yet most of us are reluctant faith sharers. This book inspires every Christian to see themselves as a story bearer.   Four distinct stories collide in great evangelism: God’s story, our story, the story of our friends and the story of our culture. The book expounds them all, encouraging us to learn and tell well the first two and listen and react well to the others.  Phil punctuates his book with engaging accounts of success and failure.  Story bearing has the potential to change the world of those around you and this book releases faith for this and equips us to do it.

4 Points Gospel Tracts

For many years the 4 Points logo has been used in countries all over the world, to communicate the gospel in a simple and memorable way. If you’re not familiar with the four images and how they communicate the Gospel then have a look at At the launch of Advance2020 they felt God challenge them to step out in faith to try and reach more people.  Their vision now for 2020 is to reach one million people with the Gospel, which would be twice as many as 2019. To do this, they are looking for 500 church partners that will commit to distributing a box of 2000 personalised tracts over a twelve month period through outreach events, services and personal witness by members of their congregation. You can sign up your church by simply ordering a box of personalised tracts via, either at a cost of £120 or free of charge.

With thanks for our partnership in the Gospel

John McGinley

Training & Development Enabler

Archbishop’s College of Evangelists

Amazing talk from Evangelist Steve Chong
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Amazing talk from Evangelist Steve Chong

If you missed Tuesday’s Annual Tinsley Lecture, here it is. Steve Chong bemoans the “Disappearing Evangelist” but…

Posted by Michael Frost on Friday, 15 May 2020

Mission Styles: Fusion
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Mission Styles:  Fusion

Image result for mission styles Fusion

Fusion is a mission agency committed to sharing the Gospel with students and is led by Luke Smith one of our College members.  It helps you to understand how people have different ways of approaching exploring issues of faith and how Christians have natural ‘styles’ that connect with this – are you a “Convince Me, Show Me, Talk With Me, or Let Me Experience” kind of person.  You kind find these resources and an online test to think about this at And while you’re there why not check out Fusion’s Discipleship Deck which is a pack of ‘playing cards’ with great discipleship questions on them.