📚 Fancy doing an MA in Mission?📚
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MA Mission is a unique distance learning MA designed for mission enthusiasts and evangelists – with Programme Director Frog Orr-Ewing and access to other lecturers from around the world, you get to be part of a global student cohort of other evangelists and church leaders and church planters.

Everything you will need is delivered online – including access to all books and articles you might need. It is great value and can be part time or full time.

Despite the challenges of a busy family life, I’m so glad I decided to go for it! It’s a fantastic opportunity to consolidate your current knowledge and experience of mission and deepen your understanding further from the comfort of your own home.

My BSc was in Midwifery but that has unexpectedly dove-tailed perfectly with this MA with my particular passion for Christian women in mission and their important impact with clinical and pastoral interventions all across the world.

The studies can be done at your own schedule to fit in with your family and working life. The lectures are hugely inspiring and it’s great to connect with students all over the globe. I’d full recommend it!

Think about it and apply within the next two weeks through The University of Winchester…

Laura Brett
Postgraduate Student
MA Mission

Amazing talk from Evangelist Steve Chong
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Amazing talk from Evangelist Steve Chong

If you missed Tuesday’s Annual Tinsley Lecture, here it is. Steve Chong bemoans the “Disappearing Evangelist” but…

Posted by Michael Frost on Friday, 15 May 2020

Mission Styles: Fusion
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Mission Styles:  Fusion

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Fusion is a mission agency committed to sharing the Gospel with students and is led by Luke Smith one of our College members.  It helps you to understand how people have different ways of approaching exploring issues of faith and how Christians have natural ‘styles’ that connect with this – are you a “Convince Me, Show Me, Talk With Me, or Let Me Experience” kind of person.  You kind find these resources and an online test to think about this at And while you’re there why not check out Fusion’s Discipleship Deck which is a pack of ‘playing cards’ with great discipleship questions on them.

Creating a Culture of Invitation in Your Church: Michael Harvey
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Creating a Culture of Invitation in Your Church:  Michael Harvey,204,203,200_.jpg

We like to think of our churches as welcoming. Michael Harvey, “How welcoming can we be if we don’t take our welcome outside with the gift of an invitation?” God sent his son to invite us all into a relationship, and so to be like God is to be a person who invites.  During the decade that he has been developing Back to Church Sunday, Michael has conducted an extensive study on the seemingly simple subject of “invitation”. Over 650 times in 12 countries he has asked: “Why don’t we invite our friends to take a closer look at Christ?”

Exploring the subjects of rejection and acceptance he examines where we have gone wrong. Reviewing best practice ideas gleaned from trying to establish a culture of invitation he considers what we might do to address the situation and put it right.