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Newsletter January 2020
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Dear College Members

I hope you are encouraged and taking opportunities to share the Gospel.  I was completely fired up, equipped  and recommissioned by the Evangelists Conference organised by J John (Vice President of the College) in January.  It was full of laughter and so liberating to be with a group of people who didn’t have to be persuaded that we are called to proclaim the Gospel.  I would encourage everyone to attend in 2021 on the 12-14 January – here is the link;

We are evolving what it means to be part of the college and in March I will share some opportunities for us to gather together for training and encouragement and other dates to be involved in ministry together.  And in discussion with J John he has agreed to host a training day for the College in the Autumn in which he will give input on key areas of skill and lessons learned from his experience as an evangelist.  Please make sure you are registered on the college website so that we can begin to build our community through this site:

One area that I am keen to build is a way of connecting our membership of the College in prayer.  I have been praying regularly at 10.02am every day for the college and for God to raise up more evangelists.  Why 10.02am?  Because that is the Biblical reference in Luke’s Gospel where Jesus says; “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”  This is Jesus response to the potential harvest and yet the lack of people out in the mission field – it starts in prayer.  So please join me in praying daily.  I set an alarm and wherever I am I turn my heart to God and cry out for a move of his spirit and a release of evangelism in our nation.

This month’s spotlight on resources come from Phil Knox and Dave Sharples.,204,203,200_.jpg

Phil’s new book “Stories” will be available for sale from March 19th2020.

Most people find faith because they know another Christian, see the difference Jesus makes, and hear their story. Yet most of us are reluctant faith sharers. This book inspires every Christian to see themselves as a story bearer.   Four distinct stories collide in great evangelism: God’s story, our story, the story of our friends and the story of our culture. The book expounds them all, encouraging us to learn and tell well the first two and listen and react well to the others.  Phil punctuates his book with engaging accounts of success and failure.  Story bearing has the potential to change the world of those around you and this book releases faith for this and equips us to do it.

4 Points Gospel Tracts

For many years the 4 Points logo has been used in countries all over the world, to communicate the gospel in a simple and memorable way. If you’re not familiar with the four images and how they communicate the Gospel then have a look at At the launch of Advance2020 they felt God challenge them to step out in faith to try and reach more people.  Their vision now for 2020 is to reach one million people with the Gospel, which would be twice as many as 2019. To do this, they are looking for 500 church partners that will commit to distributing a box of 2000 personalised tracts over a twelve month period through outreach events, services and personal witness by members of their congregation. You can sign up your church by simply ordering a box of personalised tracts via, either at a cost of £120 or free of charge.

With thanks for our partnership in the Gospel

John McGinley

Training & Development Enabler

Archbishop’s College of Evangelists

News Bulletin
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Dear College members

I hope you are well and have enjoyed preaching the good news of Jesus at this Christmas time.

This is the first of our monthly bulletins to keep you up to date with the progress of the College and to connect you with different evangelistic ministries within the College.

We continue to recruit new members in order to build the College membership.  We have recently sent out over 50 invitations to encourage people to apply – thank you if you have suggested someone already.  Please send any other suggestions to Mandy Forrest at – ideally within the first few weeks of January as we hope to conclude this initial stage of recruiting to the college with interviews in February.  And please set up your member photo and login for the website at as we want the website to begin to develop some interaction between members and by doing this you will be able to see who else is part of the College.

A number of people have asked if they have permission to present themselves as college members.  Yes, one aspect of College membership is for it to open up opportunities and build confidence that your evangelistic gifting has been recognised.  So describing yourself as “A member of the Archbishops College of Evangelists” or “Archbishops’ Evangelist” or “Church of England Evangelist” would all be fine.  It is important that as we represent the College and Archbishops’ that we recognise the responsibility of this.  We are working on something that we can send you in the New Year to recognise your membership of the College.

One of the visions of the College is that we will see over 1000 emerging evangelists connected with college members for encouragement and mentoring.  If you would like to begin to gather people feel free to do this.  In the future we may develop structural ways to express this but we are keen for you to do this in the way that fits with your ministry and context.  If you do this in a way that has a public profile please think about how to connect with your Diocesan structures appropriately.  In Leicester we will be running a six week School of Evangelism starting at the end of January and then forming an Advance Mentoring Group to gather evangelists.  Advance 2020 have produced a great mentoring resource which you can find on their website;

Below are a couple of resources that have been developed by College members; Michael Harvey developed the Back to Church Sunday initiative and out of this he has written a new book “How to Create A Culture of Invitation in Your Church”.  Luke Smith is leader of the Fusion team which works in student mission.  Fusion have a way of understanding how people naturally engage in mission and how this connects with the ways people address issues of faith, called “Mission Styles”.  These are detailed below.  If you have any resources that you would like to be highlighted in these bulletins please send them to Mandy.

With thanks for our partnership in the Gospel

John McGinley

Training and Development Enabler

The Archbishops’ College of Evangelists